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Tom Price Confirmed as HHS Secretary

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Tom Price Confirmed as HHS Secretary
Calendar13 February 2017

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) was confirmed early Friday morning as Health and Human Services Secretary in a 52-47 vote down party lines. The vote comes at the end of a contentious confirmation process, which raised questions from Democrats about his healthcare stocks, his plans for Medicare, and his opposition to the ACA. President Trump said last month that he would file a plan to repeal and replace the ACA “as soon as the Secretary is approved,” but has more recently indicated that a replacement plan could take until next year. Many are now looking to Tom Price’s confirmation for clues about the new administration’s commitment to an ACA repeal-and-replace timetable. According to this Wall Street Journal article, Price is “expected to follow through on an executive order, issued by Mr. Trump on the first day of his administration, directing federal agencies to pare back regulatory elements of the ACA.” The article also speculates that he could overturn the mandate that health plans include contraceptive coverage at no cost to the patient, “a protection that isn’t explicitly written into the law.” More to come on this – we’ll be watching Price’s first days closely.

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