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Turn to Tech to Build Your Company Culture

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Turn to Tech to Build Your Company Culture
Calendar31 October 2019

How are you future-proofing your company culture?  Sure, perks like ping pong tables and cold brew on tap are nice, but employers who go deeper to prioritize company culture often see encouraging results in employee wellbeing and morale -- which, in turn, can influence financial growth, employee retention, and innovation.  It’s amazing what a difference it makes when employees feel valued and appreciated by their organization. 

Chris Bruce, co-founder and managing director of Thomsons Online Benefits, recently wrote an article outlining the huge potential for technology to advance overall company culture by bringing personalized benefits to life and transforming the way we work.  One example is giving people the ability to access all the information they need about their benefits in one place, from a range of devices. This flexibility is what employees in today’s modern workforce expect and appreciate – and meeting the need for personalization speaks volumes about an organization. Check out his article published in HR Tech Weekly to understand the impact technology can have in fostering a workplace culture that fits today’s tech-enabled world. 

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