US Health Ranks at the Bottom There s Always Next Year

US Health Ranks at the Bottom There s Always Next Year

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US Health Ranks at the Bottom -- There's Always Next Year
Calendar18 June 2014

The US came in last in a ranking of the health care systems of 11 western, industrialized nations by The Commonwealth Fund, a foundation that promotes improved health care. This article in The Washington Post covers some of the highlights (if I can call them that) of the report, including how much more the US spends per capita than countries with better health outcomes and more satisfied patients. The US has been on the bottom in four previous reports as well, while the UK moved up from third to first by taking such actions as improving health information systems and increasing the number of specialists in the system. The report noted that providers in the US struggle with sharing information and coordinating care, and that access to care is a major problem. The ACA may help lift the US out of last place in the future by providing incentives to improve health IT and reducing the number of the uninsured, but other problems identified by the report, such as the relative shortage of primary care physicians, will need to be addressed.

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