Visualizing the Future Health Benefits in 2016 and Beyond

Visualizing the Future Health Benefits in 2016 and Beyond

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Visualizing the Future Health Benefits in 2016 and Beyond
Calendar11 December 2015

Fortune ran an article “10 Big Health Care Predictions for 2016” written by two partners from venture capital firm Venrock (named most prolific VC on Rock Health’s list of the Top 50 in Digital Health Entrepreneurs).

Check it out. The list is definitely provocative. Employers make the list at #10 with a prediction that they will become (even more) active in imposing requirements on plan members like limiting the number of providers they can use and requiring second opinions. I thought there was merit in the suggestion that members be required to access telemedicine before going to the ER – it seems like a win-win since the member could avoid the ER visit altogether and limit their out-of-pocket expense. The authors also predict that video-telemedicine will rapidly become the way people access care in the future.

Mercer’s sibling company, management consulting firm Oliver Wyman, recently hosted a stimulating conference in Chicago – “Health Market 2.0”. A number of Mercerites attended to learn more about direction of the health care industry and the forces shaping its evolution.   The sessions focused on several themes, including population health, value-based care, precision medicine and the empowered consumer. None of these themes are new to employers, but thinking differently about how to make it work – how to thrive in the chaos of innovation and transformation – was new. The challenge is to focus on what people need and how they would like to get it – not what the market has to offer.

Over the next several days, colleagues who attended the conference will share their take-aways and insights in a series of posts on this site. One thing is for sure: change is happening and you want to be positioned to take advantage of all it has to offer.

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