Walking Back the ACA: Early Days in a Long Journey

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Walking Back the ACA: Early Days in a Long Journey
Calendar14 November 2016

A campaign promise to repeal the ACA is one thing, while figuring out how to dismantle the massive law with its many far-reaching elements is quite another. This Washington Post article discusses the paths Trump and Congress could take to walk back various parts of the healthcare reform law. According to the article, the GOP majorities in both chambers are likely to use the reconciliation process to overturn key aspects of the ACA that involve federal spending, such as the subsidies granted to millions of working Americans to help them pay for health coverage. But reversing other parts of the law, such as its insurance marketplaces, or instituting various Republican-backed healthcare approaches, would require a political path that could be more arduous. The ACA rules that affect employer-sponsored health plans are not grabbing the headlines and don’t get much ink in this article, either.  But the message for employers that’s emerging is that this Band-aid will be coming off slowly. It’s not too soon to start thinking about how to position your program for the changes ahead.

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