Whaddayamean, You Don't Have a Fitness Device?

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Whaddayamean, You Don't Have a Fitness Device?
Calendar11 August 2014

I was in a client meeting recently where six out of eight people were wearing a fitness device. We talked about how many steps we average a day and our experiences using the sleep tracker. According to this article, ABI Research projects that 13 million wearable devices will be integrated into corporate wellness plans over the next five years. The article offers some good advice — create challenges, provide incentives to participate, make using the device part of your company culture, don’t force participation. Why should employers be interested? Getting employees to walk 10,000 steps a day is a good health habit. Some studies suggest that a walking exercise program is as beneficial as running, with less risk of injury. If we can get entire families to walk together, even better! Fitness can be contagious — we just have to find the right way to get people started.

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