What’s in Your Inbox? Health Innovation Newsletters Way Worth Reading

Health innovation is exciting, important – and really hard to keep up with. At Mercer’s Center for Health Innovation, it’s our business to keep on top of this rapidly developing field. To help you stay in the know, we’re sharing our reading list of seven great newsletters that cover everything health – from market developments to health tech breakthroughs to legislative change. 

  • Oliver Wyman Health: This newsletter is filled with forward-thinking content – from predictions of big tech’s entry into healthcare to infographics that make complicated topics simple.  Bonus – there are podcasts too!
  • Rock Weekly from Rock Health: Digital Health knocking on your door? Subscribe to this newsletter to stay at the forefront of the industry. Where is capital being invested? What will be the next IPO or acquisition? Find the answers here.
  • Axios Vitals: Health care is complicated – this newsletter is not. It’s a quick way to catch the highlights of health care’s biggest news, before your day starts. Word counts and reading time are disclosed up front. (Spoiler: it’s usually only about 3 minutes!)
  • StartUp Health Insider: StartUp Health aims to bring health transformers together to achieve health moonshots. This newsletter will keep you up to date with their progress; whether it’s using augmented and virtual reality or artificial intelligence, this future is now. 
  • Mercer #TechBeat: Mercer’s very own update on everything tech. Feel like the tech space offers too many buzzwords and not enough explanation? This newsletter will not only fill you in on the latest developments, it will help you see which ideas to actually consider for your organization.
  • CB Insights: Think market trends with a side of data. If you love charts, graphs and big picture thinking, this is the newsletter for you. Note, it isn’t all health care, so depending on the edition, you get an update on a mix of industries. 
  • Kaiser Health News: Wish you had more robust knowledge of the entire health care ecosystem? This newsletter (and What The Health podcast) provides deep insight into the complexities of the US health system, with a focus on federal and state legislation and regulations affecting public and private health plans.

Check out some or all of the above to get a good variety of perspectives on health innovation and the healthcare market. Happy reading!

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