Where Does Tech Fit into a Culture of Health? Find Out at HLTH

Employers are committing to a culture of health in growing numbers.  According to Mercer’s National Survey, 39% of all employers with 500 or more employees say they include support for a healthy workplace culture in the company vision or mission statement -- a massive jump over last year, when just 23% had taken this step.

The goal of building a culture of health is to engage employees in addressing all facets of their well-being and to empower them to act.  A key to that is to personalize their interactions with tech solutions that are designed to be understanding, compassionate, perceptive, attentive and delicate. These sensitive technologies are earning permission to be deeply integrated into our lives in new ways every day. But how do you select the best solutions to engage your employees in their health and wellbeing?  You need to know what cutting edge solutions have hit the market, but you also need to know how to choose, integrate, and communicate them so they become a seamless part of the health program – and, more importantly, of your employees’ lives.

That’s why we collaborated with HLTH this year to create the HLTH Employer Program.  The conference provides an incredible line of sight into the most exciting health tech solutions in the market, from digital diabetes management, to specialized fertility networks and cornucopia of on-site services. Now it will also include an all-encompassing experience tailored to employers – with a focus on how employers determine which solutions and strategies will best support employees' health and well-being and improve your organization’s profile as an employer of choice (without breaking the bank).  

At last year’s HLTH conference, no session was complete without a focus on the importance of consumer centric design in healthcare. This year, you can expect forward-leading employers to share what it takes to design intuitive, efficient and user-centric solutions and strategies that employees can easily engage with.

As a decision-maker or influencer, you can attend HLTH 2019 free of charge by participating in the  Hosted Buyer program, a curated networking event that matches you with innovative solution providers driving improvements in employee engagement and health outcomes. You attend eight 15-minute meetings, a total of two hours, leaving you with lots of time left for learning and inspiration.

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