Why Employees Hate Work

It's not surprising that this article is getting a lot of buzz: The provocative title draws you in and the sense of recognition keeps you reading! The authors, one of whom is the CEO of The Energy Project, cite results from a large global survey that creates a picture of a white-collar workforce that doesn't have time for strategic or creative thinking or even the ability to focus on one thing at a time. Only about a third find meaning and significance in their work, and only a fourth feel connected to their company's mission. What contributes most to the sense of depletion? Leaner post-recession work forces and the rise of digital technology are major factors. While most senior managers agree that happier, more resilient employees perform better, most also admit they aren't doing much about it. The authors suggest companies begin simply by asking “What would make our employees feel more energized, better taken care of, more focused and more inspired?” Some improvements don't even require a budget – like limiting the length of meetings, setting boundaries for email communication, or encouraging employees to take a short walk every 90 minutes.

Beth Umland
by Beth Umland

Director of Research, Health, Mercer

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