Why Employers Care Who Enrolls in the Public Exchange

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Why Employers Care Who Enrolls in the Public Exchange
Calendar24 June 2014

This article from The Washington Post does a good job of comparing and contrasting the stats reported by various organizations on the make-up of the people who have signed up for health insurance from the public exchange. A Kaiser study reports that over one-half were previously uninsured. While we do not know how many are the "working uninsured," employers should take note. According to Mercer survey data collected from over 700 employers after January 2014 open enrollment, while 58% of employers already met the ACA's requirement to offer coverage to all employees working 30 or more hours per week, only another 10% took steps to expand eligibility for 2014. That means roughly one-third of employers are waiting until 2015 to expand eligibility. If you are among those waiting, you should be aware of any employees who are now benefitting from subsidized coverage in the public marketplace. As noted in my May 30 post, you may want to communicate before the upcoming open enrollment period with any employees currently receiving a subsidy who will become ineligible for it in 2015 once they can get coverage through your plan.

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