Why Workplace Purpose Matters for Your Business

Creating a purpose-driven work environment increases employees’ motivation, productivity and workplace satisfaction.  Mercer’s Global Talent Trends report found that 75% of thriving employees say their company has a strong sense of purpose that resonates with their personal values.  Having a sense of purpose at work contributes to employees’ well-being, which translates to lower health costs, lower turnover and higher productivity, according to World Health Organization.

Any organization can be a force for good by giving back to the communities it operates in – and one way to do that is by encouraging its employees to get involved. This recent Employee Benefit News article shares ideas on what employers are doing to create workplace purpose by prioritizing volunteer benefits for their employees. Here at Mercer, we’re about to launch our first annual Good Day initiative: On Friday, May 17th, our US colleagues are encouraged to volunteer together as a way to make a meaningful difference in the communities where we live and work. Offering volunteer benefits is a powerful attraction and retention tool and a great way to provide employees with a sense of purpose – what is your organization doing to create a purpose-driven work environment?

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