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Return to the Workplace

Employers need to address COVID-19 impacts by balancing empathy in meeting their people's needs with the economics of the business. Return to work confidently and safely with a plan that outlines who, how and when. With our collective expertise in health & well-being, workforce strategies and risk management, Mercer can help you move forward with confidence.


View the US COVID-19 poll live results to learn how companies are supporting employees during this pandemic.  

Surveys & Tools

Readiness Assessment Survey
How ready is your organization for return to the workplace?
Return to the workplace Survey
Is your organization ready to adapt company policies, functions and processes to manage the impact of COVID‑19?
Investment (OCIO) Survey
Has recent disruption impacted your view on investment or retirement outsourcing?
US COVID-19 Survey Results
View the US COVID-19 poll live results


COVID-19 Impact and Guidance for Employers
July 9, 2020: Join Mercer experts biweekly to hear the latest information on how current events are impacting employers in the US.
Return: re-engaging employees on care
June 18, 2020: Join Mercer experts for a discussion on re-engaging employees on care, and the most up to date information how the pandemic is impacting employers in the US.
Insights from Travel and Hospitality
June 11, 2020: Join Mercer, Kelley Elliott, at Delta Air Lines and Luke Marble, at IHG Hotels & Resorts about how their companies have continued to adapt and evolve in light of COVID‑19.
Reinvent: Adaptive Workforce Considerations
June 4, 2020: Join Mercer experts to hear the most up to date information how the pandemic is impacting employers in the US.


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