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Nine ways organizations can successfully prepare for a comeback

As we enter the next phase of the pandemic and restrictions ease, people and businesses are looking for ways to return to a new normal. Where can companies focus their efforts to return employees safely, effectively and energetically? Each organization will have a unique set of questions and challenges. But so far we’ve seen distinct groups of issues companies are thinking about, which span from strategy to tactics. Building a sustainable path to return will depend on spending time on both.


To help HR leaders adapt and transition to a more agile workforce model that reflects the new realities of today, Mercer’s New Shape of Work approach outlines six immediate priorities.

Take part in our latest live survey and provide your perspective on how your company is managing workforce benefits and policies through the pandemic.


How to reshape work?

To help businesses and HR leaders adapt and transition to a more agile workforce and workflow model that reflects today’s realities and imperatives of equity and diversity, Mercer’s approach outlines immediate priorities.


Return to the workplace

How can businesses resume worksite activities safely? Will a blended and phased approach work for you? And how to support employees and managers in a structured way across the organization?


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Improve flexible working

What are your current and aspirational states of flexibility practices? And how can you get there? How to flex across these five dimensions: when, what, where, how and who?


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Optimize costs and workforce

What are your workforce needs and skills in the short and longer term? How can you plan in an uncertain world? And what data-driven approach can enable both workforce and cost optimization?


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Focus on employee well-being

Why employee health and well-being is more important than ever? How can you enhance current practices across the entire spectrum: physical, financial, psychological and social?


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Webinars and Podcasts



The journey to a new way of working

In this interview, Mercer’s Norman Dreger talks about the shifts COVID-19 has brought to how people work, and how companies are preparing to return to work safely.


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Planning a safe return to work with Pandemic Navigator

This new shape of work podcast covers how the Pandemic Navigator tool’s predictive data supports companies as they prepare to return to the workplace.


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Live webinar

Reflections on the COVID‑19 response

September 17, 2020: Join Mercer experts biweekly to hear the latest information on how current events are impacting employers in the US.


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Webinar replay

Sustaining a thriving workforce

August 20, 2020: Hear from a panel of Mercer experts about what employers need to do now to support employees & ensure they can thrive despite the unique challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Top Insights

Creative Ideas to Support Working Parents During the Caregiver Crisis | Mercer US

Return to work

_ |Not Replicated

The current caregiver crisis is a complex societal problem with no easy solutions. But we think there are ways for employers to provide meaningful support to working parents.

Contact Tracing at Work, Works -- and it’s Not That Complicated | Mercer US


_ |Not Replicated

Employers seeking ways to improve worksite safety should consider a contact tracing program. Review Mercer’s workflow infographic and key questions for employers before getting started.

Conserving Cash: Mining Benefits Programs for Savings | Mercer US

Cost Management

_ |Not Replicated

It’s not an overstatement to say that savings opportunities mined in the benefits program can help preserve jobs now and later. It’s time to consider every lever for benefits cost management, even some that may have been unthinkable just a month ago.

Minority Mental Health Month – A Time for Employer Actions | Mercer US


_ |Not Replicated

Here are some strategic actions that employers can take to support the behavioral health of racial and ethnic minorities:

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