Defined Contribution
Top Priorities Checklist for DC Plan Sponsors Moving Into 2017

In a world where change is a constant, it’s important to retain vigilance over your defined contribution (DC) plans. However strong your governance structure is, all plans need to evolve with changes in legislation, regulations, industry trends and the changing needs of individuals. What may have been ideal three or five years ago may not be as ideal today.

With this in mind, we encourage DC plan fiduciaries to consider the following as we move into 2017. 

Are you taking all components of an individual’s financial needs into account beyond just retirement?

Do employee student loan repayments have a place within your design in addition to matching employee retirement contributions?

What signals does your contribution and matching design send about saving? Should you extend your match? Do you really need a safe harbor if you’re using auto-enrollment?

Is your existing managed account program suited to your plan, particularly in light of the new fiduciary rule?

How appropriate is your target date fund for your plan and its participants?

Do you understand the unique needs of your participants (and nonparticipants)?

  Should you delegate your fiduciary responsibilities?  

 Are you adequately managing cybersecurity risk?

  Is it time to consider (reconsider) retirement income options?

Have you considered the impact of the DOL Fiduciary Rule?

Is the investment fee structure appropriate?


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