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Calendar12 February 2018
Explore 30 years of investment manager returns. Gain access to insights, search trends and analytics on more than 6,000 managers and 30,000 strategies.

MercerInsight is a sophisticated yet simple-to-use cloud based platform for institutional investors developed to aid pension funds, endowments, wealth managers, multi-managers and Mercer consultants. 

MercerInsight enables comprehensive analysis of institutional track records against competitors, "Mercer universes,"* or market indices. This, combined with the ratings and research reports from Mercer’s 140 strong global manager research boutiques makes for a compelling analytical tool in the institutional market place.

Additionally, the Trends module allows clients to understand themes in investment manager searches performed by Mercer, and compare fees to those of other managers (in aggregate). 

*Mercer universes are peer groups compiled by Mercer using data from our Global Investment Manager Database (GIMD™).



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  • Mercer GIMD™ - Global Investment Manager Database: Mercer GIMD is a proprietary, web based database containing information on more than 6,000 investment managers and 30,000 investment strategies. The entries are maintained by the investment managers themselves. This information is then used by both Mercer’s consultants and researchers in advising clients and forming research ratings. To learn more about populating your investment strategy on GIMD click the link to the right.
  • Mercer’s Global Manager Search Trends: The Trends module within MercerInsight allows clients to understand themes in asset manager searches, with the ability to manipulate aggregate data, allowing bespoke filtering and reporting. The same module allows investment management fees to be compared against those of other managers (in aggregate) for similar products. 


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