Whether you call it the “Great Resignation” or the “Great Rethinking,” time poverty is taking a toll on large organizations at all staffing levels. DC plan committees are losing many of their most senior decision makers, and one in four HR leaders says people are stressed and stretched too thin.


  • Workforce volatility and inflation:  44% of US workers are searching for jobs right now1
  • Data security: 71% of data breaches seek to compromise personal data at larger organizations for financial gain2
  • Employee well-being: 76% of employed Americans say they face financial challenges today3
  • Corporate social responsibility: 90% of S&P 500® companies have published sustainability reports,4 but only 37% have integrated ESG and DEI themes into retirement programs.5,6

Download our exclusive Q&A with Samantha Davidson, US OCIO Leader, and Holly Verdeyen, US Defined Contribution Leader, to learn how these megatrends are driving many large DC plan sponsors to seriously consider hiring an OCIO — many for the first time.


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6 As with decisions regarding any options, the decision of whether to invest in ESG-themed options must be made pursuant to a prudent process with the objective of advancing the financial interest of the ERISA plan and its participants.