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Mercer Wise 401(k)SM : A Comprehensive Savings and Planning Solution for Small –to– Medium Sized Defined Contribution Plans
Mercer Wise 401(k)
Calendar17 May 2017

Financial Security and Personal Wealth for the Workplace

Defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors have a lot of responsibilities that come along with plan management. Between complex rules and regulations, picking investment options, responding to employees, keeping tabs on participant loans and beneficiaries, and overseeing their recordkeeper, running a DC plan can detract from the time employers have to focus on achieving their core business objectives. This problem is magnified at small to medium sized organizations which may have limited resources or expertise in DC plan management.

Mercer Wise 401(k)SM addresses these concerns while also helping to improve the financial wellness of plan participants.

With Mercer Wise 401(k)SM , Mercer acts as ERISA Section 3(16) administrative fiduciary which means we are responsible for overseeing nearly all day-to-day plan management functions. Mercer also provides ERISA Section 3(38) delegated investment services, giving plan participants access to highly rated institutional investment options supported by significant expertise and an integrated whole-of-life approach to financial wellness that targets better outcomes for both wealth and health.

Discover Mercer Wise 401(k)SM , a smarter solution that aspires to deliver better outcomes for all.


  • Acting as both named fiduciary under ERISA and plan administrator, Mercer Wise 401(k)SM provides valuable time-saving services to plan sponsors, including:
  • Prepare, sign, and file 5500/8955 SSA
  • Conduct compliance testing and oversee accuracy of plan records
  • Oversee contributions/distributions, including all required notices
  • Monitor eligibility determination
  • Approve plan transactions
  • Resolve questions of plan interpretation and any queries or complaints
  • Oversee and manage service providers
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