The SECURE Act allows employers across all industries and sizes to band together in pooled employer plans (PEPS), which gives them the opportunity to offer a new kind of defined contribution (DC) plan. By pooling resources, employers can potentially reduce plan costs, decrease their administrative and fiduciary burdens, and expand retirement plan access by offering retirement benefits to their employees. We believe PEPs merge the best features of traditional 401(k) plans with a new, innovative design that has the potential to improve the retirement journey for millions of Americans.



What are pooled employer plans?

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At a time when many plan sponsors are struggling with the impact of COVID-19 and heightened litigation and regulation, PEPs can offer significant advantages to participants and employers.
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PEPs benefit employers and participants


Mercer PEP: Built from deep pooled plan and OCIO experience


For nearly 25 years, Mercer has offered investment solutions for defined contribution plans across the spectrum — from research and advice, consulting on issues such as vendor management and governance, as well as partial to full outsourcing. We have extensive experience in managing these plans. Our Mercer Wise 401(k)SM — which also offers a fully delegated solution and fiduciary oversight — has attracted over 30 clients and more than $1 billion in assets.


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