5 areas of consideration for 2021 


The year 2020 has proved to be one for the history books. It has also laid the groundwork for the possibility of more unprecedented events in 2021. With the market backdrop, a new administration, and an ongoing public health crisis, advisors and their clients may find it more difficult to build durable portfolios that can withstand market uncertainty and meet clients’ investment goals. To best prepare advisors (and their clients) for the year ahead, we have identified five areas for consideration that we believe are critical for long-term success.


  1. Forward-looking returns: Revisiting the balanced portfolio

  2. The fixed income dilemma

  3. Governance is key for market crisis readiness

  4. Managing inflation: The devil is in the detail

  5. Responsible investment: Understand the evolution

Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Download the whitepaper


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