Top 6 investment ideas for endowments and foundations in 2021


Intergenerational equity is often described as a tug-of-war between supporting mission in perpetuity and satisfying current needs. But a seesaw might be the more appropriate description: In times of growth, investors look to the horizon and position their portfolio for strategic success over decades.


But in times of market stress, investors focus on short-term mission spending. In recognition of these dual concerns, we grouped this year’s Top Investment Ideas for Endowments and Foundations into two complementary themes: enterprise and investments. We include short- and long-term considerations for each idea.


This paper focuses on these investment ideas for 2021:



  • Pivot to the “S” in ESG
  • Spend some now, save some for later
  • Institutionalize checks and balances


  • Getting to 7.2% in a 5.0% world
  • Revisit the role of fixed income
  • Differentiate global exposures

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Download the whitepaper


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