Mercer Worklife – The innovative and intelligent choice for enterprising business owners

A fresh approach to saving for retirement, Mercer Worklife helps business owners get the most out of their business today while ensuring a more secure tomorrow.

It’s the smart choice for smart people looking for a practical, straightforward way to maximize retirement savings, while increasing tax deductions to keep their business thriving now.

A one-stop shop for retirement planning, Worklife offers efficiency, expertise, and flexibility: it minimizes time and effort spent on administration, offers access to Mercer’s unrivaled resources and world-leading retirement thinking, and provides flexible options and clear guidance in determining how much to defer and when.

Worklife appeals to the part of every business owner that’s constantly looking for ways to improve what they do and get more from the resources at their disposal. It’s the right choice for those who want to make the most of their business, both now and in the future.

Who is Worklife for?

Your current savings are not sufficient to meet your retirement needs because profits have been reinvested into the business for many years, or investment performance has been volatile and accounts are just now at pre-2008 levels.

Time is running out to accumulate enough wealth to retire comfortably either because of government-imposed limits, or because there simply isn’t enough time to accumulate investment returns before retirement.

Your annual tax bill is larger than it should be, preventing you from deferring more for retirement or investing more in the business. Your effective tax rate (both corporate and personal) is too high to save for retirement, or your deduction limits are too low to achieve an adequate “nest egg.”


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