The US healthcare system has to be transformed. And we believe that employers must be at the center of the transformation—with the influence to truly improve the cost, quality and experience of healthcare. 


Health & Benefits Solutions

By leveraging the collective influence of all our clients, we’ll work with you to create the positive change you want and need to see in the healthcare system—for the benefit of your company, your employees, and their families.

Our solutions are designed to empower employers to manage health & benefits costs, improve the quality and cost of care, and simplify the experience for everyone.

Why Mercer?

Why Mercer?

As a leader in health and benefits consulting, we partner closely with you to find new ways to solve your biggest employee health and wellness problems. Since 1945, our experienced consultants have been on the frontlines of healthcare transformation. We'll help you make the US healthcare system work

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We are at a tipping point in this country...
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Renya Spak

Partner, Center for Health Innovation



Given the number of Americans they insure and their collective purchasing power, employers are pivotal players in today's healthcare system. Read more about healthcare transformation.



Mercer’s Center for Health Innovation works side by side with employers of all sizes and employer coalitions to solve big problems by bringing practical and relevant ideas to life and transform the market in meaningful ways.

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