voluntary benefits

Nine in 10 workers say benefits mean just as much as salary.¹ Companies often find themselves scaling back on core benefits or passing cost to employees. Voluntary benefits can give you a better path forward.


Why voluntary benefits

should be part of your

core benefits strategy



Voluntary benefits are a creative way to help you meet more of your company’s and employees’ needs, allowing you to:


  • Add flexibility: In today’s changing workforce, 70% of millennials and 59% of Gen X employees are looking for more flexible benefits.
  • Offer student loan assistance: About 86% of millennials say student loan repayment assistance is an important benefit².
  • Drive employee engagement: One of Mercer’s clients increased employee participation in its consumer-driven health plan (CDHP) by 200% when the company implemented a voluntary benefits program.
  • Fill gaps and cut costs: Voluntary benefits can help control costs, improve compliance and fill coverage gaps for your employees.


The right voluntary benefits program can help companies save money and help employees fill gaps in their coverage. It all makes for more engaged and satisfied employees.

Up to 200%

Improvement in CDHP participation.




Why choose Mercer

for voluntary benefits?


Companies of all sizes are seeing great results from our leadership in health and benefits consulting:


  • Innovation and creativity: Our health and benefits experts inspire you to think differently, helping you discover new ways to satisfy your goals and those of your employees. Learn more about why voluntary benefits have become mainstream
  • Flexibility: Your workforce is unique. So are the needs of your employees. More companies are turning to Mercer for a customized voluntary benefits strategy that meets the needs of your company, people, and culture.
  • Full-service solutions: We can manage all aspects of your company’s voluntary benefits offerings including communication, enrollment, administration, and billing.


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