Worksite employers need their PEO partner more so now than ever before to manage employee risk and total rewards strategies. We are experienced in creating and managing insurance programs that increase worksite employer retention and enhance sales effectiveness with prospects. PEOs can build the perfect relationship with clients through Sales, Service and Underwriting. We can help with process mapping, identifying efficiencies, and achieving an overall power position. Whether you want to improve an existing health program, make it great by taking advantage of Mercer’s Best Practice Bundle, a one-stop shop of consulting, brokerage, and administrative services.

As a leader in health and benefits consulting for over 75 years, our experienced consultants partner closely with PEOs of all sizes  focused on finding new ways to solve employee health and wellness problems. Our Multiple Employer Solutions team brings dynamic delivery teams specifically aimed at helping PEOs navigate the complexities of offering health care while bringing value to members through innovative health care programs.

Find out how we can help you grow worksite employees in a continual evolving market. 


A business case for PEOs

Learn how Mercer's Multiple Employer Solutions helped a regional mid-market PEO wanting to streamline open enrollment and find operational efficiencies for their master health program.

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