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HLTH 2021 is the preeminent event designed for the health industry, bringing together senior leaders to solve healthcare’s most pressing problems and realize the most promising opportunities to create health’s future.  HLTH features four days of inspiring content, curated networking, educational sessions, and dynamic events for payers, providers, employers, investors, startups, life sciences, policymakers and innovation centers.


Highlights from 2020 event


In the year that everything changed, it was more important than ever for employers and health innovators to come together and tackle the tough issues of our time. As we begin to look ahead to HLTH 2021, we encourage you take the time and explore the timely perspectives presented in our employer sessions.


Each video below is roughly 30 minutes in length and broken into two parts. They all begin with a five to ten minute point of view from an industry CEO, followed by an interactive discussion, moderated by a Mercer leader, between two to three employers.


Reinvent for Value


In this HLTH VTRL 2020 employer program session, hear how employers are working with companies like Mercer to reinvent their health benefit strategies to bring the greatest amount of value to employer and employees.




Drive to Quality Care


Hear from Jean Drouin of Clarify Health, Chad Ryan of PepsiCo, and Kate Fisher of Cummins on how they are leveraging data and various strategies to drive their populations to higher quality, lower cost care. Moderated by Andy Halpert of Mercer.

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How can employers impact quality now? One way is to choose the providers that are best suited for their employee base.

- Jean Drouin, CEO Clarify Health

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Delivering Engagement & Savings


This video opens up with John Lai of Mr Car Wash and followed by a lively and relatable discussion with Anna Zappia of MCW, Caryn Hildreth of USIC, and Stacey Magness of Ellucian. Hear how these three companies have reimagined their healthcare delivery approach and vendor ecosystem to drive a better member experience and ultimately reduce cost. Moderated by Tracy Watts of Mercer.

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We just completed our 3rd plan year and we’ve seen a 15% increase in health plan participation, claims cost remained flat YOY and our employee out of pocket cost is down 4%

- Anna Zappia, Mister Car Wash

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Addressing Diversity & Inclusion


Marsh & McLennan leader, Laurie Ledford, kicks off this insightful conversation, followed by a lively dialogue of Mercer experts. Gain insight and take away key action items as they all discuss how employers can ensure their approach to creating and maintaining an experience designed to enable equal access and foster belonging for their workforce. 

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We need to ensure this journey is going to be sustainable, particularly when it comes to leadership, to maintain our focus with colleagues, clients and communities.

- Amaly Homer, Mercer

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The Rise of Digital Health


In this video Tom Lee of Galileo will draw you in with his BC, DC and AC theories (aka Before Covid, During Covid and After Covid). While Milt Ezzard of Activision Blizzard and Eddie Hightower of Caliber follow up Tom’s insights with an insightful discussion on how employers are leveraging the explosion of technology and digital solutions in healthcare to support employees in their healthcare journey, particularly in the time of COVID-19. Moderated by Kate Brown, Mercer.

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We have five generations in our workforce and people repairing bumpers. We have to meet our population where they are.

- Eddie Hightower, Caliber Collision 

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