180 million

people are provided health coverage through employers (more than half of the US population1)

$880 billion

employer spend on healthcare.2


of Americans are not able to answer true/false questions about Premiums and Deductibles3

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Employers can drive healthcare transformation

Employers can make a meaningful difference by focusing on four key areas:

  • Pay for Value: Higher cost should translate to higher value — even in healthcare. Most often, when reimbursement is based on performance instead of volume, waste plummets and care improves. See how Mercer is putting value back in US healthcare.

  • Drive to Quality: Give your employees the tools to make informed healthcare choices so they get the right care, at the right time. Mercer’s Total Health Management practice provides customized solutions that address the root causes of poor health. Get the white paper.

  • Personalize the Experience: Your employees don’t all struggle with the same health concerns. So why offer a one-size-fits-all solution? Benefits programs that are tailored to workers’ unique health needs — and that empower workers — net healthier employees and cost savings. Mercer Marketplace 365+ helped the Texas Heart Institute cut cost increases while providing better choice and decision tools.*

  • Embrace Disruption: If you want an improved cost picture plus high-quality care, get comfortable with change. We’ll help you embrace new ideas and the unknowns that accompany them. Our Q&A covers the basics behind “positive disruption”.

Listen to a recent podcast with Mercer’s Peter Kilmartin, H&B Consultant Leader, and Catalyst for Payment Reform’s Suzanne Delbanco as they discuss how these four vitals areas are changing healthcare strategies, and how the Vitals for Change Scorecard is helping employers benchmark those strategies in each area.







A scorecard to help you discover your power to affect change


Is your organization ready for the future of healthcare? Take the Vitals for Change Scorecard, created jointly with Catalyst for Payment Reform, to learn where you are today, what lies ahead, and how you can influence the future state of healthcare. The Scorecard can serve as a quick and engaging tutorial on transformative healthcare strategies as well as an assessment and benchmarking tool. You’ll come away with specific, actionable opportunities to optimize your healthcare program. If you need assistance completing the Scorecard, just contact us -- we can help.


About the vitals for change scorecard


The Scorecard is based on the premise that employers have the collective leverage to transform the US healthcare system. When enough employers demand more for their own employees, the whole system changes for the better. That’s why the Scorecard focuses on what employers can do differently, to address fundamental inefficiencies in the system. Expect to see new ideas: Mercer and Catalyst for Payment Reform developed the Vitals for Change Scorecard to help employers understand how to use their power as a change agent in each of the four vital areas.



The scorecard only takes about 20 minutes to complete, but that small investment of time can yield important benefits:


  • Education: The Scorecard questions serve as an inventory of health program best practices to consider. Taking the Scorecard can help you envision a new future for your health program.
  • Benchmarking: You instantly receive your scores compared to national averages, helping identify opportunities to optimize your program. Take the Scorecard periodically to track progress over time.
  • Strategic planning: The Scorecard is intended to lead to action, from small steps any employer can take now to truly transformative change. Wherever you are now, we can help you use the Scorecard to chart a path to a more innovative, effective health program.
  • Collective action:  Participation builds a national database to further the industry’s understanding of the steps employers can take to transform the US healthcare system for the better. 

Why take the scorecard?

Leveraging innovation to drive healthcare transformation


Employers understand the power of collective influence in the marketplace. Mercer’s Center for Health Innovation (CHI) aims to harness that influence for real healthcare change. We develop creative solutions and thought leadership for employers by collaborating with clients, startups, industry organizations and academia to help deliver meaningful outcomes. Learn more about CHI and how to join our mission to innovate with purpose.


            1 US Census Bureau "Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2017"

            2 Integrated Benefits Institute, “The Business Cost of Poor Health”, November 2018

            3 2018 Alegeus Consumer Health and Financial Fluency Report


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