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Health and Benefits

Health and Benefits Solutions for Midsize Businesses

Health and Benefits Solutions for Midsize Businesses

Rising employee expectations of their benefits, and the escalating costs that have gone along with them, are spurring employers to look for better health and benefits options.

Mercer Marketplace 365+ is specifically designed to help midsized organizations create health and benefits programs that are affordable, manageable and truly meet the needs of your employees.

It all starts with building a better benefits strategy with a better technology solution. Experience the advantage of scale with the flexibility to help employees live healthier lives, simplify the healthcare experience and save a lot of money with Marketplace 365+.

Comprehensive Healthcare Program

Midsize businesses need benefits plans that fit the needs of several different generations, rather than paying for services that their employees rarely or never use. We’re dedicated to helping you create health and benefits programs that are affordable, sustainable, manageable, and more likely to meet the personal needs of each of your employees.

The outcome? You could lower costs and create a more engaged, healthier workforce; a strong company culture; and a compelling value proposition for prospective employees.

Benefits of a Healthy Workplace

With Mercer Marketplace 365+ you could:

  • Give your employees access to a range of benefits options once reserved for larger companies
  • Alleviate administrative pressures associated with your benefits program
  • Potentially reduce your healthcare spend by 10-20%*

Seize the opportunity to lead  benefits transformation in your company. We’ll be right there alongside you and your employees.

Results that Keep Delivering. Learn how a midsized medical research nonprofit lowered their premium cost increases by over 6% in their first year with Mercer Marketplace 365+ (as well as enjoying increased benefits choices and enrollment). Read Case Study.

"Mercer is always advocating for us. The team did everything it could to make the transition as smooth as possible, and it went very well." –Janell Wong, Human Resources Manager, Texas Heart Institute

Mercer Healthcare Consulting

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