The variety and velocity of digital health innovation is faster than ever before; this includes new offerings that focus on the self-funded employer market and a booming sector of direct-to-consumer health tech offerings. In spite of this booming market, point solutions alone cannot solve the big issues of mitigating cost trend or driving health optimization. Mercer’s 2018 National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans data shows us that employers are adapting their strategies in response to these market changes, but how can employers get ahead? Mercer experts discuss a new framework for evaluating the efficacy of digital health and share perspectives about how to weave these solutions into cohesive consumer-centric strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mercer’s 2018 National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans results on employer strategies and their impact on cost
  • Lessons from the digital health innovation market, and how to apply key components to your benefits strategy
  • How to use data to create a consumer-centric strategy that will drive engagement


Total Health Management Specialty Practice Leader


Senior Associate, Mercer Center for Health Innovation

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