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Healthcare Network Innovation Solutions

Paying for Value and Driving to Quality – The Right Place At The Right Cost

Do you want to offer your employees a better healthcare experience — one that makes it easier for them to improve the cost and quality of their care? Mercer’s healthcare network innovations services can help your employees find higher value care while providing you with opportunities to reduce your company’s premiums and healthcare costs. 

Healthcare Innovations 

We’ll aim to optimize your network strategy to improve clinical outcomes, care coordination and your overall member experience based on the profile of your specific employee population.

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Learn more about our work and read our case study: Mercer Health AdvantageTM Helps Control Costs and Improve Patients Outcomes.

In fact, by combining a technology-driven platform with the collaboration, scale and leverage Mercer brings with its over one million eligible employees shopping through Mercer Marketplace 365, we’ve been able to deliver savings of up to 15% more than a traditional network arrangement for our clients.


High Performance Network 

The financial model underlying the health care system today is largely one based on a fee-for-service model. In moving to a fee-for-value model, accountable care organizations and other value-based care networks offer incentives to groups of providers to deliver coordinated, high-quality care that saves money.

  •  Providers are paid to deliver care that has positive results: cost effective, high quality, and all with a positive patient experience.
  •  Through shared savings arrangements, providers do not get paid as much if the care they deliver is redundant, unnecessary or ineffective.

By instituting a value-based and innovative health provider network, your employees in numerous states can select regional networks, high-performing narrow networks, and ACOs that are available to them locally.

Changing How to Navigate the Landscape

Value-based care represents a fundamental shift in how health care delivery is organized, paid for and received.  If it is structured and deployed successfully, it can reduce health care costs, increase the quality of care and improve the patient experience, thus achieving the triple aim.

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