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Where Does the Gig Economy End and Your Traditional Employment Relationship Begin?

One thing that most HR and business leaders can agree upon is that talent is a major challenge in the future of work. In the shuffle to reshape their organizations for the post-pandemic era, businesses find themselves needing new and emerging skills, all against a backdrop of an increasingly competitive skills landscape where top talent has more choice than ever on where to work.

Introducing Mercer Indigo


An innovative platform providing a comprehensive suite of benefits typically available only to employees, with the turn-key marketing and compliance reporting you need


In conjunction with an integrated and intuitive digital experience, your contract workforce can customize and purchase benefits to suit life and lifestyle needs. You grow your talent brand and loyalty loop without the administrative burden.

Gig is big and getting bigger


Insights into the gig economy and what it means for CHROs


Eric Bassett and Ravin Jesuthasan share insights on the gig economy trends and the impact on your business, including insights on how how the pandemic impacted the industry and the creative solutions available to improve the attraction, retention and engagement of gig workers. Additionally, we share our survey on the current state of this workforce and expectations for the next twelve months.

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It's time to give them benefits

The independent workforce is at a record-pace in growth. You need to retain and attract the top talent. It's time to give them benefits. Mercer Indigo is committed to being a catalyst for a thriving independent workforce.

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It's time to give them benefits

The cat’s out of the bag, the genie has escaped the bottle, and the ship has sailed. There are now over 57 million individuals in the US working freelance, and employers that are slow to dip into the talent pool are falling behind. This gap will only widen as more talent floods into the gig economy as freelancers and independent contractors, a trend that Tamara McCleary expects to continue as workers look for more flexibility and control over their personal and work lives.

Who we help


This unique workforce goes by many names – gig workers, freelancers, independent consultants, part-time workers, sole proprietors, small employers, contractors, and on-demand workers. They need benefit options for a better future. Mercer Indigo is the differentiator.



Ratio of contract workers to full-time employees can be 50% or more, with 65% of contract workers wanting access to benefits – and they are willing to pay for it


On-demand platforms

On-demand platforms

By 2022, Google will require staffing firms to provide health insurance options. More demand for your workers means you need to provide innovative products


Mercer Indigo Webinar > Learn how your contractor workforce can access the benefits they need

Details on how your organization can provide your contract workforce access to a comprehensive suite of benefits

Mercer Indigo Webinar > Contractor benefits...making the impossible, possible

We dug deeper into the groundbreaking solution to providing benefits to your gig, contractor and part-time workforce and shared a live demo of Mercer Indigo

The Mercer Indigo advantage

Providing independent workers the ability to purchase benefits including health, life, disability, retirement, business risk insurance and more

Comprehensive suite of benefits, customizable by type of worker

Integrated and intuitive digital experience and personalized journey

Turnkey multi-channel marketing and distribution to drive adoption

Enables compliance and regulatory monitoring, reducing your administrative burden

Why Mercer Indigo?

No platform provides the benefit options and support that comes with Mercer Indigo. It leverages our entire firm's 65 years of experience in benefit strategies and solutions with intellectual capital, products and services towards the unique needs of this workforce. It also enables compliance and regulatory monitoring, reducing your administrative burden.


Mercer provides benefits solutions to 5,000+ employers and 110M+ individuals.


Marketing techniques use omni-channel approach optimized through working with thousands of organizations.

Are you a gig, freelance, part-time or independent contractor?

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