Multiple employer organizations 

Our goal is to help build a strong affinity between you and your members that proactively evolves as the world continues to change, and with a finger on the pulse of regulatory change.



"Why" Mercer


Grow membership and revenue in a changing market


Whether you’re looking to grow your worksite employer, member base and affinity. Mercer can help you go one step further toward uniquely positioning your organization in the marketplace. As the multiple employer market rapidly changes with new rules and regulations, you can count on us as your advocate and partner to present one-of-a-kind offerings and value.


Personalized benefits for your worksite employers and members may include:


  • Multiple Employer Solution: Health and ancillary benefits through a master health care plan (PEO).
  • Small business: Health, life, dental, vision, workers’ compensation, property, liability, and professional liability insurance.
  • Students: Student and short-term medical insurance, term life, renters property coverage and prescription discounts.
  • Professionals and family: Life, disability, dental, long-term care, professional liability, accident, auto/home, travel insurance, legal services and Mercer Affinity’s individual health insurance solution.


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