Why does your organization need a healthcare value diagnostic?

Quality and cost of care can vary significantly from provider to provider. The cost for the same procedure in the same market can vary by up to 50%. Employers must design their health benefits with quality at the center. Without measuring the current state, improvement is unattainable. Mercer’s value diagnostic tool QualPic defines quality uniquely to each service and category, and analyzes provider performance in a given market. Employers can then map the care their members currently receive to drive next steps.


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What sets QualPic apart in improving healthcare value



Independent assessment

Determine value from independent source of truth with consistent quality and cost of care metrics in markets and categories that matter to you.


Risk adjusted review

View providers’ performance against realistic expectations using risk-adjusted analytics.


Deep data for decisions 

Industry leading dataset based on commercial claims, Medicare, Medicaid, Electronic Medical Records, Rx, and social/behavioral data.


*Source: Midwest Business Group on Health, Cost of Poor Quality Report.

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