Employees who rank health benefits as important as salary¹


50% or more


Employers who offer supplemental health benefits, such as accident or critical illness, as voluntary benefits2




Employer savings on health and benefits costs in the first year of implementing Mercer Marketplace solution*


Fearlessly Rethink, Rework, Reinvent Health & Benefits


The time for waiting for the system to change is over. Employers like you are taking steps to transform healthcare from the inside out, with a focus on developing a healthy, invigorated workforce.


Together, we’re leading a revolution that can address pains and aspirations, costs and goals, while providing tangible value for everyone.


Using extensive research and a passion for innovation, we are developing real and purposeful changes that are making an impact. We are also taking our work to Capitol Hill to inform and advise lawmakers on what employers need and how they are innovating to improve the healthcare system.


Now, how to make that change happen? By tackling issues we collectively face, like high-cost drivers, improving quality of care and employee engagement in health and benefits, just to name a few. 




The revolution is underway

Are you ready to join us in transforming the system to help drive better outcomes for you and your employees?

Why Large Enterprise Chooses Mercer

We’re committed to helping large employers find cost-effective and innovative solutions to complex health, benefits and workforce challenges today — for a better tomorrow. At Mercer, we guide companies with data-driven insights, thoughtful strategies, and a holistic approach with consulting, brokerage and technology to customize solutions that help support your employees and their families to live healthier, happier and more productive lives. We offer:


          1 Mercer’s 2017 Inside Employees’ Minds Survey

          2 Mercer Annual Health Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans.

          * Results may vary.


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