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Specialty Solutions

  • 15%

    annual cost increase for specialty drugs¹

  • 68%

    increase in multimillion-dollar healthcare claims from 2013 to 2016²

  • 68%

    of workers place high value on benefits like unlimited PTO – which can save companies money3

Why Are Specialty Solutions a Crucial Part of Your Benefits Strategy?


Specialty solutions address the biggest problems in healthcare and benefits. Our broad slate of solutions enables you to choose and customize answers to your organization’s needs.


We’ll help you develop a thoughtful, relevant benefits strategy. You can breathe easy with the assurance that you’re accessing what your workforce needs today, along with innovations that keep you competitive and help you stay ahead. We help companies like yours:


  • Rein in skyrocketing specialty drug costs
  • Analyze and act on high-cost claims, ASAP
  • Add unlimited PTO or other life, absence and disability benefits alongside voluntary benefits to attract and retain key talent in a competitive marketplace
  • Handle legislative or compliance issues


Target your toughest issue, or compose a set of solutions to address a broader scope. 

Our team

Comprised of pharmacy experts, clinicians, actuaries, data scientists and other specialists in our field — brings the knowledge and expertise to listen to your needs and find answers. 

Specialty Solutions Insights
Stay informed with our take on the latest news and research impacting specialty benefits, with insights from our respected experts and reflective thought leaders.
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