Mercer health advantage

Companies face skyrocketing healthcare costs, while employees receive fragmented care. Mercer Health AdvantageSM (MHA) tackles both problems. Employers can help workers most at risk better manage their care — and save an average $430 annually per employee*.

What Is Mercer health advantage?


  • What is it? MHA is a program offered through select insurance carriers that features high-intensity care management for employees with serious or chronic conditions and acute health needs.
  • How does it work? With MHA’s model, one nurse from a given health plan works consistently with physicians, pharmacists and other specialists to coordinate care and support employees and their families. This holistic approach gets workers the care they need while addressing important and often forgotten issues such as caregiver involvement and post-care monitoring.
  • How do you benefit? Clients using MHA saw significant benefits for employees and employers:
    • Employee care improvements: MHA directly improves the quality of care for your most “at-risk” population. In a 2015 study comparing MHA to matched non-MHA participants, hospital admissions were 24% lower and 30-day readmission rate was 22% lower for MDA participants.*
    • Employer engagement gains: Companies with MHA experienced qualified participant engagement as high as 65.2% and high-cost claimant engagement up to 78%.*


Healthcare Savings for Every $1 Spent in 2015 for Employers With MHA*



           * Results may vary


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