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Your employees need and want great benefits, and you’re eager to provide them. But the compliance landscape is complex, with countless laws and regulations at national, state and local levels. Turn to our experts to stay focused on your productive workforce.


Why compliance specialization matters


Designing health and benefits brings dozens of variables into play. Today’s organizations have diverse workforces, including remote, temporary and seasonal workers. And all organizations grapple with rules and legislation regarding paid family leave, the Affordable Care Act, COBRA, HIPAA and ERISA ­­– not to mention new laws and changes.


These complexities make compliance more than a full-time job – though chances are, it’s only one of many tasks on your plate. Put Mercer in your corner for:


  • Notification of new laws and regulations that could affect your workforce strategy: Mercer regularly issues alerts on legislative and regulatory activity at the federal and state levels, along with expert analysis.¹
  • Creating draft plan documents: Compliance penalties can cost millions, and lack of awareness can damage your company’s reputation. We’ll help you address this high-risk area by working with you to draft plan documentation and plan summary delivery.²
  • Complex health benefits and fringe benefit programs: Wellness programs, benefits for domestic partnerships and civil unions, and retiree benefits are popular. They also have significant tax ramifications and must comply with specific federal, state and local laws.
  • Compliance review: Our gap analysis can identify where you may need to take additional action with respect to HIPAA and ERISA requirements. We can draft or update appropriate documentation, too. You’ll sleep easier knowing you have policies and procedures in place.¹


$207 billion

Total Projected ACA-related employer penalties over the next decade*


 Congressional Budget Office.


 Mercer is not a law firm. Mercer may comment on legal issues, but they are not intended to be a legal opinion, guidance or advice. You should secure the advice of legal counsel with respect to any legal matters.


 Any legal documents should be reviewed by you and your legal counsel before execution.


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