The value of a diverse professional network


  • Fortune 500 corporations currently spend >$100 billion with minority owned businesses
  • 72% of companies in the Fortune 500 reported they expect their total supplier diversity program spend to increase within the next two years
  • There are now ~6 million minority owned firms in the US
  • Minority purchasing power should surpass $2 trillion by 2015 and $3 trillion by 2030

Why choose Mercer?


This specialty practice group is focused on collaborating with our clients and suppliers on innovative ways to promote supplier diversity. Mercer has dedicated resources that are focused on building sustainable partnerships with diverse firms that have a proven track record of adding value to the solutions we deliver to  clients.

Our guiding principles:



Deliver value

Leverage Mercer's expertise and experience with that of our diverse partners.



Ensure compatibility

Go deep to ensure compatibility with business models and team members.



Identify opportunities

Minimize disruption, focus first on capabilities complementary to Mercer when possible.



Reduce risk

Implement significant process controls, vetting, and scope of services before launch. 

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The right benefits strategy is one that maximizes value - not only to the employer, but to employees and their families. Transformation, with an eye toward value, is desperately needed, and Mercer can help.
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Phil Styles
Phil Styles

Partner, Specialty Practice Leader, Inclusive Professional Network

How we can help


As we have listened to our clients and validating the trends in the marketplace, we realize that increasing spend within supplier diversity with an emphasis on professional services is the key to the future.


To that end, we have launched the Inclusive Professional Network which can help you with:

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