life, absence & disability

Employees expect more life, absence and disability (LAD) benefits options than ever before, making a LAD strategy a business imperative. LAD benefits can help attract and retain talent while balancing costs, employee productivity and administration.




Why life, absence & disability Is critical for every business

Employee demand and the regulatory environment both put a strain on HR departments. Federal, state, county and municipal governments seem to pass new paid leave laws and regulations daily that can increase complexity and risk for all businesses.


The cost implications alone are alarming. Employee absences can cost employers:


  • 15.4% of direct payroll costs.1
  • 6.2% of lost productivity payroll costs.1
  • 31.1% in lost productivity with replacement workers vs. the replaced employee.1


Fortunately, the right approach to LAD can mitigate these costs. With Mercer, you’ll benefit from our actuarial and underwriting expertise, intellectual capital and a market-leading position that helps us get the best deals for you.


In lost productivity2





Why choose Mercer for life, absence & disability (LAD) management?

Our clients — from small businesses to global organizations — save, on average, 10%-25% with our benefits programs tailored to meet their goals. As a leader in both LAD and health and benefits consulting, we can connect LAD strategies and health management best practices in ways that a LAD-only broker likely cannot.


At Mercer, we work with clients to develop, implement and manage disability and leave programs that more effectively manage the impact employee absences have on your operations. We offer a full suite of services designed to streamline administration, minimize complexity and improve the quality of delivery including: 


  • Performance-based pricing of services.
  • Integrated health and disability opportunity of up to 25% on short-term disability (STD).
  • Competitive bidding, including reverse auction capability.
  • Absence management review, audit and redesign.
  • Paid time off (PTO) bank design and pricing.
  • Statutory disability plan compliance.

Up to 25%

Savings with Mercer’s LAD solutions *



          1 Source: Total Financial Impact of Employee Absences Survey, 2014.

          2 Source: Total Financial Impact of Employee Absences Survey, 2014 

          * Results may vary


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