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Innovative medications help thousands of people live fuller, longer lives. Specialty drugs that help people beat cancer or manage multiple sclerosis have moved from science fiction to reality – but that promising new reality comes with a hefty price tag.


increase in prescription drug costs in 2017 — compared to a 2.5% increase in wages¹


Americans who spent more than the median US household income on prescription medications


potential ROI of Pharmacy Benefits Management3



Why choose Mercer for pharmacy benefits consulting?


Mercer’s Pharmacy Consultants help you master your pharmacy expenses while giving your employees access to the medications they need to stay healthy and active.


As a leader in health and benefits consulting and brokerage, our pharmaceutical benefits consultants will identify causes and trends that drive your drug costs up. We’ll recommend innovative ways to help curb cost increases while allowing your employees to reap the rewards of pioneering drug advances. Find out about:


Why Is pharmacy benefits management critical to your benefits strategy?


HR leaders are eager to offer employees access to these life-saving medications. Yet in practical terms, companies must balance access with the very real cost implications of skyrocketing drug prices. Fewer than 2% of employees use specialty medications, but these drugs account for more than 40% of total pharmaceutical spending.

We can help. With cost evaluation insights and redesigned benefits solutions, Mercer’s pharmacy consultants can help you make sure employees receive the life-changing benefits of specialty drug breakthroughs.

Take this five-question quiz to see if your specialty drug strategy is putting you at risk for unsustainable spending.


          ¹ Segal's 2017 Health Plan Cost Trend Survey

          ² Express Scripts: Super Spending: U.S. Trends in High-Cost Medication Use, 2015

          ³ Results may vary


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