of pharmacy spend is driven by 2% of total claims


specialty cost doubles when considering both pharmacy and medical benefits

The challenge


While new drug categories are providing promising cures and therapies, employers struggle to absorb the sky-rocketing cost of specialty drugs.

Why choose Mercer for pharmacy innovation?


Our innovative pharmaceutical cost-management solutions may help companies provide the life-changing pharmacy drug benefits their employees need—while shielding your business from unsustainable costs. Employers partner with us because we help with:

Tech-enabled dynamic procurement solutions.

  • Utilizing our experts and scale, our process drives bidder competition to maximize value to plan sponsors and members
  • Sophisticated technology minimizes bidder gamesmanship of both qualitative and quantitative evaluations
  • Results presented in clear comparisons you can trust
  • 17% Average savings in specialty drug costs

Member-centric engagement.

  • Therapeutic expertise that maximizes accessibility of prescription medications
  • Addresses member concerns around affordability, an important part of improving medication adherence and ultimately patient outcomes
  • Helps members understand the true cost of medications in accordance with all transparency requirements

Data-driven clinical and financial insights.

  • Understand plan performance to contractual financial guarantees
  • Pharmacy experts provide actionable recommendations to changes in your prescription drug claims
  • Optimize program performance in alignment with the goals and objectives of the plan

*Actual results may vary




Million Dollar Drugs Have Arrived:

Key Strategies Employers Should Consider


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Gene and Cell Therapy: 

Managing the High Cost of Life-Saving


Join Mercer experts as we explore what actions plan sponsors should consider in order to build a long term comprehensive management strategy for these therapies.

Our solutions


Biosimilar strategies

Prepare your PBM contract for blockbuster biosimilar launches, driving value to your plan and members.


Data-driven insights

Leverage our data analytics solution to eliminate waste and proactively manage your drug benefits.


Pharmacy collectives

Generate immediate and long-term savings by channeling the power of our collective purchasing solutions.


Predictive analytics

Estimate your plan exposure to the ultra high-cost gene and cellular therapy pipeline.


Medicaid pharmacy programs

Cost-saving strategies backed by our proprietary pharmacy rate-setting platform Passage.

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