managed pharmacy consulting

Skyrocketing drug prices are creating a perfect storm of enormous cost proportions. Just one or two workers can account for up to 40% of your pharmaceutical benefits spend.1 Don’t get caught off guard—our innovative benefits solutions can help.





  • Specialty pharmacy: Discover ways to save up to 10% of your specialty drug spend in just 8–12 weeks.*
  • Pharmacy collectives: Generate immediate and long-term savings by channeling the power of Mercer’s collective purchasing solutions.*



Why choose Mercer for managed pharmacy consulting?

Our innovative pharmaceutical cost-management solutions may help companies provide the life-changing pharmacy drug benefits their employees need—while shielding your business from unsustainable costs. Employers partner with us because we:


  • Know the prescription drug dilemma: 576,000 Americans spent more than the median household income on prescription medications in 2014.2 According to Mercer’s 2016 National Survey on Employer Health, pharmaceutical spend is once again driving overall healthcare costs, propelled by a 15% spike in specialty pharmacy costs. We know the numbers—and understand their underpinnings—and we’ll help you act now to address rising costs.
  • Identify trends and eliminate waste: In just 8–12 weeks, we can identify initial savings of up to 10% of specialty spend.*
  • Revamp your company’s drug spend: After a thorough evaluation, we’ll recommend specific action steps and a redesigned benefits plan that may deliver sustained savings without preventing employees from accessing life-changing medications.



Potential ROI of Mercer’s managed pharmacy consultant services*



          1 IMS Health National Sales Perspectives, Jan 2016

          2 Source: Express Scripts: Super Spending: U.S. Trends in High-Cost Medication Use, 2015

          * Results may vary


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