Why choose Mercer for pharmacy collectives?


HR leaders seek a seemingly impossible balance: providing workers access to the medications they need while addressing the unfortunate reality of unsustainable cost increases and premium spikes.


Mercer’s pharmacy collectives offer employers an innovative way to balance such competing interests by joining forces to benefit from the power of group purchasing. Mercer pharmacy collectives comprise 225 clients and 2.1 million members, accounting for $21 billion in pharmacy spend. The long-term trend for drug spending for companies participating Mercer collectives is roughly one-half the national average.*


Take this five-question quiz to see if your specialty drug strategy is putting you at risk for unsustainable spending:


Of US pharmacy spend in 2015 went to the supply chain—consisting of pharmacy benefit managers, carriers,

retailers and wholesalers1



          1 Berkeley Research Group’s (BRG) study

           * Results may vary


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