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Specialty Pharmacy

Why Choose Mercer for Specialty Pharmacy Consulting?

Almost one-third of large employers have reported an increase in specialty spend, yet 49% don’t have a strategy to deal with this growing problem.1 At Mercer, we could help you control your costs while continuing to support your employees with the medications they need. We offer:

  • Strategic analysis and monitoring: We’ll diagnose, track and forecast your drug spend to identify key opportunities for meaningful and sustainable improvement.
  • Innovative solutions: Innovation is our calling card. Mercer’s Managed Pharmacy Practice could position you at the cutting edge of pharmaceutical benefit strategies that are more effective and affordable.
  • Comprehensive guidance: Our experts will help you implement your plan and provide ongoing guidance as necessary and may help you stay ahead of future issues before they crop up.
  • Significant savings with low member disruption: We help deliver better pricing and flexible administration options. And because specialty pharmacy manages only 2% of prescriptions on average, 98% of plan members see no change.*



Initial Savings of Specialty Spend Mercer Pharmacy Practice May Identify Within 8–12 Weeks*


How Mercer’s Specialty Pharmacy Solutions Work

As a leader in health and benefits consulting and brokerage, our pharmaceutical benefits consultants are experts at crafting creative solutions to employers’ pharmacy drug challenges. Our experts strategize inventive pharmacy solutions by:

  • Providing better visibility into key drivers of specialty drug costs
  • Identifying key drivers of drug trends
  • Quantifying pricing variability
  • Determining lowest-cost sites of care across benefits
  • Uncovering specialty drug waste and management opportunities
  • Identifying dosing concerns, missed diagnoses and clinical improvement opportunities
  • Addressing opportunities for leveraging patient assistance programs from drug manufacturers 
Specialty Pharmacy Insights
Stay informed with our take on the latest news and research impacting the health and benefits arena.


          1 Mercer National Survey of Employer-Sponsored Health Plans, 2016

          * Results may vary


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