Invested by VC’s on digital health technologies in 2021.



The market for telehealth is projected to more than double globally by 2026.1

Trends we’re watching:


  • Evaluation of leave as COVID-19 evolves
  • In-home care
  • Competition for talent
  • Virtual-First Health Plan Offerings

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With Mercer, employers can tap into innovations to positively impact health costs and outcomes for their business and employees. We’re here to disrupt current trends and put more power in employers’ hands.
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– Kate Brown, Leader, Center for Health Innovation

Why should health innovation be part of your benefits strategy?


Employers provide health coverage for 180 million people in the US.1 Other industry stakeholders — health systems, health insurers and public entities — play significant roles in shaping the healthcare system. Now is the time for employers to work together as a stakeholder group and with other stakeholders to inform the creation of a higher quality, more transparent healthcare market for all.


Mercer’s Center for Health Innovation (CHI) works side by side with employers of all sizes and employer coalitions to solve big problems by bringing practical and relevant ideas to life. Our goal is a powerful one: to transform the market in meaningful ways.


Employers can take specific value-based actions to drive desired outcomes by reinventing through design, experience and execution. Actions can range from short-term, less disruptive efforts to long-term actions that disrupt the system as we know it.


  • Reinvent through design: Focus on steerage to quality healthcare, digital care delivery, adopting evolving care models, and personalizing benefits to individual needs.
  • Reinvent through experience: Focus on new ways to navigate health and benefits, diverse programs, perks that are not “one size fits all”, mainstreaming of behavioral health, and enhanced diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Reinvent through execution: Focus on targeted data-driven innovation, rigorous vendor/carrier management, actionable program performance measurement, and evolving leave policies.

Meet some of our team

Kate Brown

Kate Brown

Leader, Center for Health Innovation


Amber Boehm

Amber Boehm

Principal, Innovation Architect


Elizabeth Zech

Elizabeth Zech

Principal, Innovation Architect


Agnes Quiggle

Agnes Quiggle

Leader, Innovation Architect


How Employers Benefit From Mercer’s Center for Health Innovation

Employer-defined innovation pipeline:


We’re constructing CHI’s future on an open architecture of ideas. We want to hear from you. Tell us what you need. We won’t rest until we discover an answer.

Partnerships without boundaries:


Great work is happening in academia, think tanks and healthcare business groups. But if one discipline can’t translate its ideas to another, knowledge stays siloed. By building relationships between like-minded groups, we can co-innovate and advance healthcare together.

Dedicated team coast to coast:


Mercer has a dedicated innovation team that stretches from coast to coast. Our insights aren’t limited to certain markets or communities. We work where you work, and we care about what you care about.

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1 US Census Bureau "Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2017"