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Employers have been the drivers of healthcare transformation — but the job is not yet complete. Mercer’s Center for Health Innovation (CHI) is here to accelerate the pace of adoption, by driving market change through collaboration with our clients, our colleagues and leaders across the health ecosystem. 






Employees who rank health benefits as important as salary

Innovation efforts in action


  • Collaborative innovation efforts: We bring clients together for project-specific opportunities that include the experience of employers of all sizes to share best practices and tackle new ideas. Upcoming topics include network innovation, behavioral health system redesign innovation, stemming the tide against opioids, and measuring the impact of tech solutions through multi-employer analytics. Reach out to us for more information about collaboration.
  • Innovation workshops: Innovation is exciting — but proven innovation is groundbreaking. CHI offers workshops that span the most pressing issues facing employers today. We’ll facilitate an energizing discussion with your health and benefits leaders about the art of the possible and the science of proven practices*. You’ll emerge with solutions you can integrate into your strategy. Connect with us to arrange Innovation Workshops.
  • Mercer LABS at the center: Mercer LABS follows hundreds of digital health and tech startups who aim to disrupt the multibillion-dollar healthcare industry. We thoroughly vet over 800 tech startups that offer the most compelling solutions, and we maintain the industry’s leading health innovation startup database.





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Our goal is to make health innovation actionable, practical and outcomes-driven for employers of all sizes. We’re connecting the dots for an employer-driven healthcare transformation. And we don’t just talk about it.




The future is now


  • Our predictions about healthcare 2020:  What do employers need to do to prepare for the future of healthcare? Contact us about how you can be ready for tomorrow, today.


  • Vitals for change benchmarking scorecard: Where does your organization stand for the future of healthcare? Contact us to learn more about our scorecard created in partnership with Catalyst for Payment Reform, to find out. You’ll come away with specific, actionable opportunities to optimize your healthcare spend, along with healthcare benchmarks by location and insurance carrier. It’s free to participate.


          1 US Department of Labor, Health Insurance Coverage Bulletin, July 2017.


          * SOURCE: Mercer’s 2017 Inside Employees’ Minds Survey.


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