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Why Choose Mercer for Employee Benefits Consulting?

Organizations of all sizes benefit from the collective influence of our clients as, together, we are influencing the healthcare system in exceptional ways.

Whether you’re driving HR and benefits strategy for a Fortune 500 company or leading a midsize nonprofit, you can trust us to help you advance your strategies in four critical areas that make a meaningful difference: 

  • Pay for Value: The new approach to benefits is about paying for outcomes, not transactions. See how our Network Value Solutions help companies save up to 15%* in healthcare costs.
  • Drive to Quality: Help your employees get the care they actually need when they need it. Read about the innovative work we’re doing in Total Health Management .
  • Personalize the Benefits Experience: Use data and analytics in completely new ways. See how we’re personalizing benefits and healthcare for more than 1.5 million people nationwide — and, in turn, saving companies an average of 8%* — with Mercer Marketplace 365℠.
  • Embrace Innovation: Together, we discover, and unleash, new, exciting opportunities in health and benefits. See how we’re reducing pharmacy costs up to 10%* with Specialty Pharmacy solutions.


For 80+ Years

Mercer has been helping clients with health and benefits


What’s the Mercer Advantage?

Mercer is a global leader in health and benefits consulting and brokerage. Our clients benefit from our:

  • Innovation: We work with you to creatively solve your biggest challenges and embrace your biggest opportunities. See how we help reinvent provider networks.
  • Trusted Partnerships: Our clients benefit from our exceptional relationships with global and national carriers, providers and administrators. See how we’re improving our healthcare system with Mercer Health Advantage® and Mercer Marketplace 365℠.
  • Global Reach: Join the 10,000 employers in 140 countries who are trusting Mercer to deliver better healthcare experiences for their employees.
  • Broad Capabilities: We span the healthcare ecosystem — providing innovative benefit solutions in benefits strategy, pharmacy, population health and provider networks.
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