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  • 72%

    of employers are focused on action to manage cost of specialty drugs1

  • 34%

    Estimated waste in US healthcare spending2




  • 1.2%

    of health plan members are high-cost claimants — but they account for 31% of spending3 

Measuring and Humanizing Data, Technology & Analytics 


Data measurement strategies that align with programmatic analytics are the backbone of our solutions. Segmentation is a huge factor in developing effective targeted solutions. We’ll help you discover how to create and measure the right approaches for your population by:

  • Identifying cost drivers such as chronic conditions, high-cost claims and specialty drugs
  • Targeting specific interventions (such as outreach and engagement) and improvement opportunities based on your employees’ personas and needs, and ensuring that those interventions are delivering the expected results
  • Proactively taking control of high-risk care management trends by predicting risk for healthcare costs and performance
  • Continually monitoring, analyzing and improving based on agnostic data solutions that define your next steps


Data has the power to listen, engage and predict


  • Only 12% of adults have the health literacy skills required to manage their health and prevent disease. Employees’ health literacy can have a profound impact on the bottom line: Healthcare costs are four times higher for adults with low health literacy. 4


  • Big data has the power to listen, engage and predict the solutions that will work best — providing you with an evidence-based decision-making process. Mercer’s Data, Technology and Analytic Solutions do just that by rigorously measuring, acting on and humanizing big data.



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          3 American Health Policy Institute, “High Cost Claimants: Private vs. Public Sector Approaches,” 2016

          4 Partnership for Clear Health Communication at the National Patient Safety Foundation


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