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The basis of any solid strategy is data.


Analytics tools and insight-driven strategy can help measure and manage healthcare benefits quality, costs and outcomes. By predicting healthcare performance and analyzing program effectiveness, you can empower employees to live healthier, happier lives.

Measuring and humanizing DnA

Data measurement strategies that align with programmatic analytics are the backbone of our solutions. Segmentation is a huge factor in developing effective targeted solutions. We’ll help you discover how to create and measure the right approaches for your population by:

Identifying cost drivers such as chronic conditions, high-cost claims and specialty drugs

Targeting specific interventions (such as outreach and engagement) and improvement opportunities based on your employees’ personas and needs, and ensuring that those interventions are delivering the expected results

Proactively taking control of high-risk care management trends by predicting risk for healthcare costs and performance

Continually monitoring, analyzing and improving based on agnostic data solutions that define your next steps


Data has the power to listen, engage and predict

Why companies choose Mercer's DnA


One size doesn’t fit all. We can help develop and implement measurable, data-driven strategies and solutions for midsize and large companies. When you analyze and measure effectively, you have insights you can act on to create meaningful impact. Employers choose Mercer because of our:


Broad reach

Community of 2000+ Health and Benefits consultants who advise organizations of all sizes



Team of 500 actuaries, financial and data analytics consultants who bring together health and benefits, data analytics, and technological expertise



Innovative team with vetted healthcare technology and digital health companies to bring you real, working and purposeful solutions

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