Survey says

Over the past two decades, employer-sponsored worksite clinics offering primary care have grown in both prevalence and the scope of services offered. Now, the value proposition for an employer-sponsored health center is stronger than it ever has been.


Our 2021 Worksite Health Centers Study, a collaboration between Mercer and the National Association of Worksite Health Centers, captures how employers are maximizing the strengths of these clinics. Fielded from March-April 2021, 142 employers with clinics provided information. We’ve highlighted a few key findings below and the full report is available for download.

Employer-sponsored clinics a key health and benefits strategy


31% of all companies with at least 5,000 employees offer a primary care clinic to their employees.

Employer-sponsored clinics provide ROI to organizations


Of those that have been able to measure ROI, 43% of survey respondents reported an ROI of 1.5:1 or greater and 31% reported an ROI of 2:1 or greater.

Use of telehealth services expanded significantly


The use of clinic-based telehealth rose to 78% in 2021, up from just 21% in 2018.

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