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M&A - Due Diligence Consulting | Mercer

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Human Resources Due Diligence Services

The complicated process of merging two organizations or divesting part of a business needs to be meticulously planned to achieve the desired return for the company. The financial and operational risks associated with human capital may have a significant impact on the valuation and, ultimately, the purchase price.

M&A and Human Capital Keys to Success

Effective  due diligence is key to a smooth transition to a new post-merger organizational structure, as it helps identify organizational risks and opportunities well in advance of the transaction’s completion.

Mercer human capital due diligence experts offer clients vital insights from the earliest stage of the deal to post-closing. Mercer’s due diligence analysis provides an in-depth look at the areas that can make or break the deal — compensation and benefits structure, talent trends and outlook, culture and values, and overall HR organization and operations.

Mercer’s comprehensive HR due diligence report provides the information you need to make your decision with confidence.

Strategic Due Diligence - M&A Consulting

Mercer’s analysis will:

  • Draw up a customized due diligence checklist
  • Provide financial and operational assessments of HR operations
  • Identify and quantify risks and red flags
  • Quantify the impact on the deal — and on the purchase price
  • Project cash and profit and loan costs, and estimate balance sheet liabilities
  • Identify potential value levers
  • Discuss HR program and policy comparisons with industry benchmarks
  • Discover integration synergies and opportunities

What makes a successful M&A transaction? Discover HR due diligence services and Mercer’s comprehensive analysis. Check below to contact a Mercer M&A due diligence expert.

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