As states begin to reopen, U.S. employers are planning their path forward. Although many are eager to get back to normal, “normal” will look different, given the associated human and business risks.


To help you prepare to return with confidence,  our team of experts can work with you to develop a strategic approach to returning to the workplace — whether that means a return to a physical worksite, finding new ways to support remote workers, or building a blended workforce for the future.

Schedule a Return to Workplace Workshop:


  1. Conduct a structured cross-functional workshop with Mercer and Marsh subject matter experts to develop a robust plan for returning to the workplace, customized for your business
  2. Ensure a holistic approach for returning, leveraging Mercer’s expertise on health, leave, pay, communications and people strategies with Marsh’s expertise on risk management and safety
  3. Prepare for return focusing on three strategic areas, including financial considerations: workplace and worker readiness, workforce support, and enterprise resilience

If you’re already building your return to workplace plans, request an expert Review & Validation of your Plan/Playbook by experienced Mercer and Marsh consultants.

Request a consultation with our experience consultant today.