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One size doesn't fit all. What if you could better assess your objectives and the risks and outcomes you view as most important – and then get a customized investment program? From strategy, structure, and implementation to ongoing fiduciary management, we can assist across the continuum of institutional investing. For 40+ years, we have cultivated deep expertise and intellectual capital in the investments area.

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Organizations are building more secure businesses. Not-for-profits are finding new ways to fulfill their mission and do more good in the world. Millions of people are now living a more secure future. Enhancing financial security in business and in life is what our work as a trusted advisor is all about. Whether you are an employer, institutional investor, not-for-profit/endowment, financial intermediary, or family office, we can help you achieve growth in a complex world.

How can Mercer help you? three ways

Why Mercer?

Why Mercer?

As a leader in retirement and investment strategies, we offer a full spectrum of actuarial, administration, delegated, and investment services.


Investment professionals worldwide and 135 dedicated analysts1


Consultant by global assets under advisement 2


Under advisement globally3


Global delegated Assets Under Management3

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People are at the heart of everything we do at Mercer, from understanding our client’s needs on a deeply personal level, to hiring and retaining the best financial experts in the industry to work on their behalf.
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Evolving Investment Governance Models — Driving Better Outcomes


Learn more about the main governance models for institutional investors that have emerged over the last 5 to 10 years. The article covers the key tasks facing institutional investors and the different governance models that have evolved, and what delegated solutions offer.



Building the Right Investment Governance Structure for Your Advisory Firm


Strong governance is essential for growing financial advisory firms — it can improve investment outcomes and prevent operational failures. With various delegated solutions on the market, good governance can be cost-effective and allow financial advisors to focus on client service and development.



      Please see Important notices for further information.

      Find additional information, including disclosures, filings and proxy voting pages related to Mercer’s delegated services here . Our fund descriptions and monthly holdings reports are located here.

      Please see “Important Notices” for more information on Assets Under Management and Assets Under Advisement. 

      1 Information is as of June 30, 2018

      2 Pensions & Investments. Pensions & Investments Survey, November 27, 2017.

      3 Information is as of December 31, 2017. 

      4 Information as of March 31, 2018


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